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Best Drones Under $200 [Updated Review & Deals]

(Last Updated On: August 16, 2017)

After presenting the list of drones under $20 and $50, we bring you the list of drones under $200; better quality, more features and a little high on your pocket.

As these drones are categorized to be on the higher side of price range, they would also have improved control range, longer flight time and exceptional camera quality. Some of them also come with extra features like GPS, altitude et al.

Let’s start with a table of the drones that fall under $200.

Overview of the Best Drones Under 200

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The Kestrel UDI U28 -1 is one magnificent drone with maximum features priced under $200. This drone comes has FPV with camera that live streams the videos of your flight directly on the in-built LCD screen of your controller.

It comes with altitude hold. People trying to use a drone for first time would love this feature. It helps in stabilizing your flight at a certain level to take clear pictures or record videos on the HD camera.

The best part of this drone is that it doesn’t require FAA registration.

The camera on this drone has a resolution of 1280 x 720 and a 120° wide angle lens. The 6-axis gyro helps stabilize the camera. This allows you to take amazing aerial shots and videos on the included 4GB SD card. This drone is best for the photography enthusiasts.

The headless mode of this drone helps to start the flight without any difficulty. The quadcopter direction remains same as your transmitter. It also comes with an emergency landing option.

The extra features on this include low battery warning sign, 3D 360° flips (can perform stunts, flips and rotates at a push of a button), spare blades, extra second battery to double the flight time.

The flight time is approximately 9 minutes with a control range of 30 meters for pictures and 40 meters for videos. The Kestrel UDI U28-1 is good for beginners to intermediates.

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Basic Information about  UDI U28-1 Kestrel:

Basic informationPackage contains
6 asix gyroU28-1 FPV Drone
Headless modeController w/ Color LCD Screen
3D flips2 × 500mAh Drone Battery
Led Lights450mAh Controller Battery
Altitude HoldUSB Charger
720p Camera with FPV (Display on transmitter)SD Card Reader
Take Off and landing button4GB Micro SD Card
Emergency stopSpare Blades (4pcs/1 set)
Low Battery alarmTools
Flight time 7-9 minutesUser Manual
Control range 50 meters
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Potensic F183D

The Potensic F183D is yet another great drone with FPV, altitude hold, one key take-off and landing and 2MP camera. This drone has a 5.8GHz FPV LCD screen monitor for viewing your live flight.

Auto hovering function is a new feature on this drone. The drone is equipped with air sensors which helps the drone to hover at a certain height to hold flight stability. This helps you take high quality stable and clearer pictures and record videos.

FPV on this drone has 2mp camera and 5.8 GHz wireless monitor; which means you can watch real time scenery and live high-definition video feed directly from the LCD monitor without using your phone.

Also, a 4GB TF card and card reader are included in the package. Once your flight is done, you can share your pictures and videos over social network.

The Potensic F183D has one key take-off and landing. This makes the drone easier to fly and better control by anyone who has or has not used a drone before.

This drone is good for newbies as well professionals. The control range on the F183D is around 150 meters making the flight time of about 10 minutes which is exceptional for a drone priced under $200.

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Basic Information about F183D:

Basic informationPackage contains
6 Asix-gyroPotensic F183DH Quadcopter
Headless mode2.4GHz Transmitter (4 x AA batteries NOT INCLUDED)
Altitude hold5.8GHz FPV LCD Screen with built-in 500mah Li-po Battery
Return keyCarrying Case
Take off and landing button3 x 7.4V 500mAh Li-Po Batteries(2 outside,1 equipped)
2MP camera with FPV (Display built-in controller)2 x Motors Spare Parts
3D flips1 x 4GB TF Card
Flight time 8-10 minutes1 x USB Card Reader
Control range 100 meters1 x USB Battery Charger
4 x Extra Blades
User Manual
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Kingtoys@ JJRC H8D

JJRC H8D by King Toys is one of the best drones on the list under $200. It has all the features like headless mode, LED lights, 6-axis gyro, 2MP HD camera, 2 mode transmitter with 2.4ghz capacity and one key take-off and landing option.

The JJRC H8D uses a 2.4 GHz band signal that makes your flight more precise, more responsive and more distant. It helps your drone to rotate and/or flip your drone at 360° without much difficulty.

It holds a professional 5.8 GHz high definition camera with 2MP to be released in air to take pictures, videos and other aerial images and real time transmission on the LCD screen.

King Toys gives you 3 extra batteries and one already equipped. The drone is good for professional pilots as well as newbies. It has one key return; meaning that you can pull the drone back from its position by just pressing the key.

The flight time is 8 minutes or less with a control range of 300 meters.

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Basic Information about JJRC H8D:

Basic informationPackage containsPackage contains
Headless modeQuadcopterAntenna
6 asix gyroTransmitter4 x Protect Covers
Return Key5 x Battery2x Landing Gears
Led LightsCharger Screwdriver
2MP HD camera (with LCD display on transmitter)4 x BladesUSB Cable
Control range 300 metersCamera2GB SD Card
Flight time 8 minutesFPV Monitor(Built-in 500mah Li-po Battery Supply)Reader
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Force1 U28W

The Force1 U28W makes it to the list of drones priced under $200. Like all other drones, it has a headless mode, 6-axis gyro, 3D flips, 720mp camera, LED lights and altitude hold.

It can take off and land with just a press of key. It also has an emergency landing button in case you have just started flying and are not much confident on landing.

The Force1 U28W is a great drone which can hover at a certain height after take-off. You can take pictures and videos. The altitude hold makes it easy for the drone to stabilize in breeze and to take clearer and stable aerial shots.

The U28W has a high definition camera with wide 120° angle and comes with an extra battery for longer flight duration. It also includes a 4GB SD card.

The drone has FPV view with wireless VR headset compatibility. The first-person view can be seen live on your smart phone once you download the free app. It can also be controlled through your phone. For example, if the battery of your drone dies, you can control it through your phone.

This drone comes with a custom route mode; meaning, you can fly it along your desired path without any supervision. It also doesn’t require to be registered with the FAA.

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Basic information about Force U28W:

Basic informatioPackage contains
6 asix gyroU28W Drone
Headless mode2.4 GHz Controller
3D Flips2x 3.7 500mAh LiPo Battery
Led LightsUSB battery charger
720p camera with WiFi FPV4x Spare Propellers
Altitude holdSanDisk Micro SD Card
Take-off and landingMicro SD Card Reader
Phone controller (multi-function1x Mini Screwdriver & 6x Spare Screws
Flight time 5-7 minutesInstructional Manual
Control range 30 meters
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Syma X8HG

Syma cannot be left out when it comes to talking about drones under $200. The Syma X8HG is one such drone that is a fine choice to be considered.

This drone has a whopping 8 MP camera. Not only can you take better quality pictures, you can also take the clear syma x8hgaerial shot of your family, friends or scenery. The camera is the best feature of this drone.

The X8HG has a set barometer height, i.e. when you free the accelerator button on your joystick, the drone will still hover in the air.

This drone has a 2-speed mode; one when you have limited space and can’t fly too high or for indoor flying at a slow speed. And the second speed for outdoors, with maximum control with faster speed.

The drone is headless making the flight easier to control without worrying about the nose position. Fly from any angle and the drone takes off without any difficulty.

Like most of the good drones, the Syma X8HG too has a 6-axis gyro for better stability during flight and 3D flip for rotating and flipping at any angle. The flight duration is 7-8 minutes for a control range of 70 meters. The charging time is 180 minutes

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Basic Information about Syma X8HG:

Basic informatioPackage contain
6 asix-gyroSYMA X8HG Quadcopter With Camera
Headless modeTransmitter
Altitude Hold8 x Rotating Blades
3D Flips4 x Protection Frame
8MP camera4 x Landing Gears
150 meters control range Battery
6-8 minutes flight timeScrewdriver
USB Charger cable
Card reader
English Manual

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This concludes our list of drones under $200. The above mentioned are some of the hand-picked drones that have best features like Altitude Hold, One Key Take-off and Landing, more features and less price.

We make updates every month to this list. So keep checking our website and for any questions use our comment section below.

[alert-note]All package contains small part, be careful if You have children under 3 years![/alert-note]

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Romeu Filipe dos Reis

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Kasey Kollman

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