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The best mini drones by customers opinion – [Spring 2017]

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)


Many people love mini drones (I m one of them), and there are many reasons why people loves them. Mini quadcopters got a nice look, they are beginner friendly, they are funny, they can be an indoor drone, they can be an outdoor drone, you can find mini drone with camera, they are a cheaper than a bigger drone and a lot of more. (I think its enough reason to buy mini drone). In this article, I will present you best mini quadcopters by customer opinion (I will use Amazon customers opinion in this article because that is the biggest store on the internet, so I have a thousand reviews by customers so that gives me a realistic result). So I don’t wanna waste your time in this introducing of the article, let we start with mini quadcopters!

Table of top 5 mini drones


NameImageFlight timeControl rangeCameraPrice
Cheerwing CHEER X1Mini drone cheerwing cheer x15-6 min30 metersNo
Hubsan H107C X4hubsan h107c x48 min50 meters0.3MP/480p
Holy Stone HS170 Predatorholy stone hs1706-8 min30-50 metersNo
EACHINE E10Ceachine e10c mini quadcopter with 2mp5-6 min20 meters2MP/720p
Realacc CX-10WD-TX 2.4Grealacc cx-10wd-tx 24g4 min40 meters0.3MP
Sky Viper m5005 min30 metersNo
Hubsan H107Dhubsan x4 quadcopter with fpv camera8 min100 meters480p


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Cheerwing CHEER X1

We will start with Cheer X1, it’s a product of Cheerwing manufacture. Probably you heard about them because they Mini drone cheerwing cheer x1made one of the most popular cheap drones, Syma. Like Syma drones and this mini drone are good. On this model, you can’t find extra fly features, but all basic features are here. So this mini quadcopter has a headless mode, flips, 2.4 GHz transmitter. It’s one simple drone, now you think why is this drone in the article about “the best”, the answer is: because this drone has a price under 20$, for that 20$ you can take a trusty drone and you know what you buy, and like I say in introducing of this article, this is “best mini drones by customer opinion” and this drone has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon so I decide to putt him in this article.So this is the perfect gift for someone who didn’t fly with drones before because is really easy to use. Flight time is good, 5-6 minutes, and control range is 30 meters. Charging time is 45 minutes. This small quadcopter can fly indoor and outdoor. I have 2 tips for you if you decide to buy this drone. If you fly indoor, be careful because this drone don’t have blade protectors so you can crash blades on the wall, and for outdoor I recommend to fly only on days without the wind, because this is small drone and wind can crush him.



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 Hubsan H107C X4



This is also drone from a popular manufacturer, they also made quality drones. If you don’t have experience with hubsan h107c x4drones, this is a perfect choice. This drone has all basic features and some extra. So H107c has a headless mode, Flips, 2.4GHz controller, low power protection. Low power protection is good for safe flies, so If you don’t see your battery is discharged your drone will automatic return and take-off so you can save drone from the crash. One more good thing for this mini quadcopter is that he got a camera. The quality of the camera is not impressive but for that price it’s good. Resolution of the camera is 480p and 0.3MP. Pictures and videos you can storage on SD card and after flew you can see what you record in your fly. This mini drone with camera can fly outdoor and indoor. For an indoor good thing is this model has good blade protectors so your indoor fly is safe and you can’t crash blades on the wall.

Flight time is 8 minutes what is great for one mini drone with camera, charging time is also good 30-60 minutes. Control distance is 50 meters.


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 Holy Stone HS170 Predator


One more basic drone on this list. The reason, why I putt this mini quadcopter, is only because I saw a lot of holy stone hs170purchase on Amazon and average point of reviews are 4 stars. I didn’t saw live this mini drone so I only can tell you specification. The specification is good, all basic features are here, headless mode, 6 asix-gyro, 2.4 GHz transmitter, Flips. Price is also affordable, so you can find this toy drone for less than 40$. Flight time is also good, so Hs170 can fly about 6-8 minutes. Charging time is 60-80 minutes. Control range is about 30-50 meters. I forgot to tell you, Holy Stone is also great company so they made really good drones like F181, F183W, F181W etc. That all models got also great customer reviews so I m not surprised when I saw review result for HS170. This is a good small quadcopter, easy for control, can be outdoor (got good wind resistance) and indoor (got good blade protectors), all basic features are here, and the price is affordable. So this small quadcopter can be a nice gift for beginners.



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EACHINE E10C Mini Quadcopter With 2.0MP


One of my favorite in this list, reason is I have E10 (model without a camera)  so I know how is this mini drone reallyeachine e10c mini quadcopter with 2mp good. This is one magnificent nano drone with camera! Can you image drone with 6cm x 6 cm size with a camera? Just little bigger than bumblebee 🙂 Resolution of a camera is 720P and 2MP, so with this mini drone, you can record videos and pictures. Is that great? Nano drone with camera! Other features are standard, but from mine opinion it’s ok. So this nano quadcopter has a headless mode, 6 asix-gyro, led light for night flight, one key flips. Flight time is about 5-6 minutes, what is correct for a small drone with camera because you can putt big the battery on the drone of this size. Charging time is short, about 35 minutes, and control range is 20 meters. Control range is maybe only CON for this drone. Almost I forgot, this mini quadcopter has 3 flight speed, so this is a perfect feature for beginners!


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Realacc CX-10WD-TX 2.4G


One more great mini drone with camera in this list. This is a product by Cheerson company, also popular drone realacc cx-10wd-tx 24gmanufacturer. They made a middle class of drone, and the good thing is their product are not expensive. Even their product are not expensive, they made good quality drones. That’s the situation and for this model. For less than 50$ you can buy mini drone with FPVwhat is the great price. The quality of a camera is not impressive, the resolution is 640×480 and 0.3 MP, but still with this drone you can make good videos and pictures. FPV is not an only extra feature, this mini quadcopter, so in addition to standard features (headless mode, 6 asix-gyro, led lights, flips) this drone has and some extra fly features. So this nano quadcopter has one key for take-off, one key for landing and one key for returning, with 3 speed (30%.60% and 100% of power) this is great starter drone. Cheerson suggests to customer use this drone for indoor flight, and I agree with them. Because of small size, just a little wind can crush him. Now we are going to some little bad thing for this nano drone with camera, and that is flight time. Flight time is 4 minutes, and charging time is 30 minutes. I can understand little shorter flight time, because of his size (42x42x25mm), this drone can’t take-off with big the battery, so that is the reason why is flight time shorter. If you wanna flight higher, just don’t turn on a camera.Control distance is about 40 meters, and FPV distance is about 15-30 meters.



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Sky Viper m500 Nano Drone



One more great nano drone with good features and affordable price. I think it’s enough to say this nano quadcopter was nominated for a toy of the year! This little guy is the perfect choice for beginners, because of his auto command. This mini drone has auto launch button, auto hoover, and auto land button. That is great features for a new pilot, because the percent of mistake is too small, and you don’t need to care when you piloting with this small quadcopter. With all standard features like headless mode, 6 asix-gyro stabilization, the flip button you have everything you need for fun flight. Like almost all small drone and for m500 flight time is relatively short, about 5 minutes. Charging time is about 30 minutes and control distance is about 30 meters. From my opinion, this is great mini quadcopter, this is a good buy if you don’t look for a small drone with camera.


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Hubsan H107D


One more Hubsan drone on our list, I decide to put him on the list, maybe he is not too small quadcopter (22.5*21.5*13.8cm) hubsan x4 quadcopter with fpv camerabut I think this model deserve to be here. Like model H107c and this model has all basic flies features and one extra. That is low power protection, and like I say for H107C that is a good feature because that can save you drone. The best thing for this model is that he got FPV and on the transmitter is built-in LCD display (resolution of the display is 640*480) so you can watch live video what your drone record. The quality of camera is not some impressive (480p HD) but for that price, I think it’s ok. This model has strong Led Lights so you can easy fly in the dark, what can be a special feeling. Flight time is also good, 8 minutes. Charging time is about 40 minutes. Control distance is perfect for this size drone, 100 meters. One more great thing is FPV transmission is also 100 meters!


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So that was it, I give you my suggestion for mini drones. I think you can find here for every taste mini drone. We have here mini drones with camera, nano drones with camera, with extra features, with FPV… Like in other articles of this type (best of, under etc.) I will update this list in few months, so you mine dear visitor can read fresh content. If you have and suggestion, any question, please give us some comment in comment box below. I love to speak with our visitors, and any suggestion are welcome!
See you soon!


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Nathan Samarin

Mini drones are cute and a good addition to any collection in my opinion, would love to get my hands on one honestly!

Kristen Clapp

The future is here… and it is affordable!

Lisa Ransom

Love this great review. My son wants a mini drone and this helps a lot in knowing what is out there and what they do.

CJ Queen

Interesting and fun to learn.

Amy Bizzarri

This is a very helpful review! I’m looking for an affordable mini-drone for my son who is constantly dreaming of drones! Thanks for the honest and helpful reviews!

Allen Thomas

The small drones are a great practice tool for the larger ones. A easy way to learn.

Jenny Casselman

Love this review. I like being able to get a mini drone with a camera on it. That seems perfect for a beginner like myself.

Judy Nieman

I’m thinking this might be a good entry level drone for me. I have been dabbling in real estate photography and wonder if this would get the job done.


I love drones they fly high. I love i can watch my neighbor sun bath nude with it. Camera is great quality.


I want to get one but i feel like i would lose it so i guess ill have to settle for a more expensive and bigger drone


I love the mini drones. I found your detailed reviews very helpful. I cant wait until I can get my first drone. Super excited.

drones with camera

At first, I would face many problems to take photography before buying this drone. Now I am free from tension buying it because it is a best drones with camera