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UPair One 4K Drone – Beginner’s Cinematic Drone with Best Bang for the $$$

Follow me mode,Auto take-off, Auto landing, Flight route planning functions. Special PVC composite materials used in the fuselage's innovatively. Smart 5400mAh batter that lasts up to 18 mins of flight time. U-shape anhedral design: more stable shooting and better GPS signal accessibility.

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(Last Updated On: May 25, 2017)

UPair is a renowned name in the drone industry. The UPair One 4K is a quadcopter designed exquisitely with robust body and landing gear that holds a camera. It is a good-looking quadcopter that is mid-priced for all level of buyers.

Upair One 4K Drone Review

This review focuses mainly on the camera as it is one of the main feature that makes this drone interesting. Apart from the camera, the UPair One 4K comes with RTH, Auto Take-off and Auto Landing, extra ordinary flight time and many more interesting features.

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Flying Assistance Features:

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How Difficult It Is To Use Upair One??

The drone is easy to fly and there is no kidding about it. It might have many new features to show however, they are very user friendly. Although experts suggest that a regular drone or a toy drone to be tried before using this drone as it comes at a higher price.

UPair One 4K is designed for professionals to take high quality pictures and videos. It does not have propeller protection. It is crucial for anyone using it to read the manual properly and install the propellers correctly.

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Upair One Camera & Resolution

The UPair One has one of the best Cameras that can take 4k pictures/videos. It is a 12-megapixel camera with 4K resolution. These cameras are used mostly by professionals.

This drone is specifically made for people who love photography. The camera is included with the drone so if you are not much keen to take pictures you may be wasting your money.

The camera is not compatible with virtual reality headset; however, you wouldn’t need one as there already is a 7-inch screen on the controller.

The UPair One 4K camera cab take lapse videos, single shots and burst shots. There are options to choose lower resolution but UHD 4K is the maximum possible resolution you would love using.

Package contains
UPair Quadcopter
Remote controller+ FPV Monitor(Transmitter)
Aircraft Battery
RC battery
2x set Propellers
User Manual
Quick start guide Please prepare a Class 10 high speed 16G TF card by youself
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Upair One Flight Time And Control Range

upair one drone unboxing

The control range on UPair One 4K drone is excellent. It ranges up to 800m and you would need a wide screen to view the live feed.

However, the maximum video transmission range is 500m which is still not bad. The flight duration when fully loaded is 18 minutes; it’s one of the highest among other drones.

If you lose range on the screen, you can use the RTH button (Return home button) for safe flight back to the home point.

It is imperative to charge the controller and the drone batteries separately. Also overcharging will spoil the batteries. Storage card is not included so you need to buy at least a 8GB or 16GB card for your drone.

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The Verdict

UPair One might not come as handy as you would think. Reading the manual correctly and applying the given rules will make your flying experience easier. Trying flips and tricks without proper guidance can ruin your flight. It is good that you learn every possible trick initially and then take chances with it.

9.5 Total Score
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Great Drone!!!! Very stable and Easy to Fly. Comparable to more expensive drones out there. Great Camera and the features like Follow Me, Way points, Auto Take off, and Auto Return.

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Eric Sanders
Eric Sanders

This just about makes for the easiest and best deal out there. I highly recommend this drone for beginners.There are a lot of great features.I especially like the Return to Home feature as well as the automatic take off and landing so you don’t wreck your new toy!!

Alan S. Gardner
Alan S. Gardner

UPair One 4K Drone – Beginner’s Cinematic Drone with Best Bang for the $$$ In a review, I’d like to see the price range prominently displayed, rather than just having a link to pricing information.

pam irwin
pam irwin

would love this Beginners drone, sounds like my children would enjoy.


It looks like this drone provides a very stable filming platform, along with a decent selection of convenience features. Now I know what to save up for!

David M
David M

Thanks for the brilliant in-depth review of the UPair One 4K Drone. Looks like a solid choice, excellent flight time and a quality camera outfit. The fact that it’s consider easy to fly and has the included land itself feature would be a blessing for a drone novice like me!

dah drone
dah drone

this was just so awesome. for beginners you should buy this.